CABRIO LV 85 W 2024

Control and comfort all in one boot. The LV 85 W Cabrio for all freeride enthusiasts who feel at home off piste.


The new LV 85 W Cabrio with its softer, smoother 85 Flex is the most comfortable freeride boot in the women’s LV Cabrio model range. The boot combines the outstanding downhill characteristics of the product line with comfort and easy handling. The 3 Density Wrap SPORT W liner ensures direct contact with the foot. The liner, which is built up in three layers, places the emphasis even more on comfort and is providing better force transmission to the shell with an outer layer of solid foam. The innovative Dalbello Cabrio design combines impressive performance and control for downhill runs. The three-part concept of cuff, shaft and external, ergonomically improved PU tongue offers uniform flex, stable support on the sides and heel as well as harmonious cushioning. The heel is further supported by a 45-degree buckle at the pivot point as part of the new Dynalock closure system. A new buckle design makes the boot easier to handle as well, while a movable, ergonomically improved tongue makes it easier to get in and out.