The free-touring boot for all deep snow enthusiasts who are into uphill actions, but are even bigger fans of the downhill, and who are looking for excellent fit and comfort in addition to descent performance.


The LV FREE Cabrio with 120 Flex is designed for all free-tourers who enjoy going uphill, but who want to focus on the downhill runs that follow in open terrain without sacrificing comfort and fit. The Instant Fit (IF) Hike PRO inner boot has direct contact with the foot. Dalbello AUTOFIT technology with a memory foam tongue complements the liner for a perfect fit on any foot shape, with PuRE (Polyurethane Recycled Enforcement) technology for more efficient force transmission to the shell. The 3-piece design, what gives the boot its name Cabrio, provides controlled descents on unmarked terrain. The three-part structure enables even flex, harmonious cushioning and stable lateral and heel support. A movable, ergonomically improved Pebax tongue makes it easier to get in and out. For better interaction with the shell, its profile has also been adapted and supplemented with a softer plastic in the crucial areas – for more flexibility. Removing the tongue in hike mode is now a thing of the past. A simple switch between ascent and descent mode is made possible by a new ski-walk mechanism, a new locking system and a new Powerband with quick release function.