The Chakra AX 95 T.I. is a versatile women’s freerider with a wider fit and is suitable for all terrains and snow conditions. With its Hike&Ride mode and pin tech inserts, it can be used anywhere and masters ascents with ease.


The Chakra AX 95 T.I. has been designed for ambitious female freeriders who need a boot with a wider fit and lots of versatility. Thanks to the Hike & Ride mechanism and pin tech inserts, the Chakra AX 95 T.I. climbs effortlessly. Soft, infinitely adjustable lean control, a three-piece cabrio design, a cuff height to suit women, a special tongue with modified flex and a comfortable liner featuring synthetic fur make the Chakra AX 95 T.I. the ideal boot for intermediate to advanced female skiers. Its Instant Fit Sport liner can be heat-moulded to your particular foot shape in just a few minutes.