DRS 140 UNI 2023

Directly derived from the DRS WC series, the DRS 140 with a 97 mm last offers a race-oriented fit, loss-free power transfer, and high performance for experts.


The design of the DRS is directly derived from the DRS World Cup series but has a slightly more spacious and comfortable interior thanks to the 97 mm last. The race-oriented flex combined with the liner offers optimum fit and enormous power transfer. As such, the DRS feature the perfect combination of performance and comfort. The DRS 140 liners with adjustable WC tongue are made from high-density materials for ultimate precision and optimum heel grip. The improved footbed with additional heel support results in a natural standing position and plenty of stability and control. Numerous fine-tuning options enable the DRS to be precisely adjusted to the wearer’s skiing style. For example, the sole plates can be processed and the spoilers and race kit lifter plates can be attached to increase the pressure on the ski tips and edges. Additional GripWalk lifters are available for even greater comfort and grip when walking. In view of its rigid design, the DRS version with a flex index of 140 is predestined for particularly advanced and demanding skiers—and is naturally ISO and FIS compliant.