These World Cup ski boots with a 92 mm last, are purebred racing performance and have countless fine-tuning options for a customized fit. Worn by our World Cup athletes! The rigid H-version has been primarily developed for men to wear in the technical disciplines.


The DRS WC is the resulting product of years of collaboration with our World Cup team. Alice Robinson donned the boots and instantly won two World Cup races! Thanks to the narrower 92 mm last, improved fit, size-adapted cuff, liner with adjustable tongue, and various buckles in each position, the DRS is not only sportier than ever but also offers an even better fit, more stability, and greater power transfer. Numerous fine-tuning options including grindable sole plates and lifter plates make the DRS WC far more customizable than its predecessor. Of course, everything is fully compliant with ISO and FIS standards. Five different flex versions meet all the demands of top-level and professional skiers—from U14 to the World Cup team. The most rigid version of the DRS WC offers maximum precision, lateral power transfer, and grip. The ‘H’ in the name represents a flex index of 170 and the stiff plastic makes the boot particularly responsive and direct. The DRS WC H is therefore particularly ideal for male professionals during technical disciplines.