The Krypton AX 120 T.I. with 100 mm fit gives experienced freeriders with wider feet access to the legendary Krypton performance. With its Hike&Ride mode and pin tech inserts, it is suitable for backcountry runs involving ascents.


A 100 mm last width means experienced skiers with wider feet can enjoy the performance of the legendary Krypton. A three-piece cabrio design offers a huge range of adjustment options and design features. These include a soft, progressive forward tilt as well as a centre balanced “rocker” stance for a balanced body position. Thanks to pin tech inserts and the Hike & Ride mechanism, this boot can be used for almost anything, including ascents, which it masters with ease. In terms of fit and flex, the Krypton AX 120 T.I. is slightly softer than the 130 ID T.I. Its Custom Fit ID MAX liner is customisable and light and offers great comfort, exceptional warmth and firm foot support.