PANTERRA 105 W ID 2024

With Powercage technology and an innovative tongue, the Panterra 105 W ID GW was specially designed for accomplished female skiers. It is characterized by its feminine fit, outstanding power transfer, numerous adjustment options and pre-fitted GripWalk soles to make walking safer and smooth.


The Panterra 105 W ID GW has been specially tailored to sporty, demanding female skiers who are looking for performance and comfort. Its Powercage design and milled outer shell result in optimum power distribution across the entire boot and reduce the weight without compromising on stability. A variable sole angle with a canting system under the foot and adjustable cuff volume provide additional ways of adapting the boot to your personal preference. The tongue integrates better into the shell, improves ergonomics and delivers more rebound. The three-part cabrio design also delivers even flex and damping as well as support at the sides and rear. Getting into and out of the boot is now easier than ever. The women’s ID liner boosts heel support and provides toe space, warmth and lots of comfort. It can of course be warmed and shaped in the shop for an even better fit. With its GripWalk soles, hike mode with a ski/hike motion radius of 51° and adjustable outer shell, the Panterra 105 W ID GW is really comfortable to wear and walk in. The 3D Grip texture also makes the Panterra extremely robust.